Friday, June 10, 2011

How we got here...

Well since Grandpa and Grandma didn't go to college, I definitely wanted to do that.   And I did...and I loved it.  College was a great experience for me and I definitely want you both to experience it too! Then, I wanted to work for a big company and have a good job...and I did just that.

Then my sweet little A came along and everything changed.   Your dad and I crunched the numbers and it was just too close to try to make it with one paycheck. So, I trudged on, I kept switching jobs and taking promotions, thinking more money would make working in the corporate world OK.  I looked at going part-time but the right opportunity never came along.

Life continued on and soon my sweet little M was born.  And life got even more hectic and I became even more unhappy in the job and lifestyle I was in.  So I switched jobs one more a different field at the same company.  And I was still unhappy.  I kept looking at part-time jobs or a full-time job with variable hours that would work around our family schedule better.

I was only seeing my sweet kiddos for a couple hours in the evening.  Every weekday morning I would have to shoo you away as I was getting ready for work and then I would beat myself up all day over it.  So, I piled on some more work and opened up my own business selling handmade things on Etsy. 
Finally, finally I came to a point where I had to make a change..My own business had grown a little and was keeping me busy at nights after working all day and putting you both to bed. 

I had also been applying for lots of part time jobs and finally got an interview for one that paid decent and had the hours I was looking for!  It was a scary step for our family, but it's been almost a year now and we're doing great!  While I'd love to be able to stay home and run my own business full time, it's not in the cards for us [yet]. 

I got one great year with you at home, A, before you start Kindergarten this fall.  And M, you and I are having a great time spending our mornings together.  And then we both get some interaction with others (our age) in the afternoon. :)

This is a 'to be continued post'....I want to open your eyes to some career options that might provide you some flexibility...things I wish I would have thought of before making the choices I made.

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